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Webcast: Securing Office 365 and Azure AD Defend Your Tenant

Updated: May 19, 2022

Trimarc Founder and Microsoft Certified Master, Sean Metcalf, will cover how to improve the security of your Office 365 & Azure AD tenant environment by exploring how attackers compromise these environments and providing recommendations on how best to secure them.

This webcast covers the following topics:

  • How attackers compromise Office 365

  • Key actions to prevent/mitigate attacks against your cloud tenant

  • The most important security controls to implement now and in the near future

Intro 5:04

Agenda 6:32

Attacking Office 365 7:28

From Azure AD To Azure An Unanticipated Attack Path 23:19

Securing Office 365 45:03

Slide Deck:

Download • 7.99MB
Download • 7.99MB

#AccessManagement #Azure #ActiveDirectory #AzureRBAC #AzureAD #GlobalAdministrator #Office365Security #UserAccessAdministrator


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