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Webcast: Securing Active Directory: Performing Your Own AD Security Review

Updated: May 19, 2022

Trimarc Founder and Active Directory Security Subject Matter Expert, Sean Metcalf, covers how to improve the security of your Active Directory environment by performing your own AD security review and how to identify potential issues in your environment.

This webcast covers the following topics:

  • The most common security issues Trimarc sees during AD security assessments

  • PowerShell commands you can run to check for potential AD security issues.

  • Recommendations on how to fix these issues.

Intro: 3:44

Presentation Start: 6:20

Agenda: 7:33

Identifying AD Security Issues: 8:44

AD Duplicate SPNs: 17:54

AD Admin Account Checks: 20:26

Protected Users: 22:48

Kerberos Delegation Recommendations: 38:00

Tools for Reviewing AD: 50:35

Invoke-TrimarcADChecks: 51:18

Q&A: 53:25

Slide Deck Download:

Download • 2.56MB
Download • 2.56MB

Script and Related Blog Post:

Download TXT • 26KB


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