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The Current State of Microsoft Identity Security: Common Security Issues and Misconfigurations

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

In September of 2023, Trimarc founder and CTO Sean Metcalf spoke at The Experts Conference in Atlanta, GA on common mistakes people make in their MS Identity security posture. Download the slides below, no registration required. Enjoy!

Abstract: This presentation explores the current state of Microsoft identity security. Join Sean Metcalf in this talk where he discusses the types of Active Directory and Azure AD security issues Trimarc has seen in customer environments. He will also talk about the attacks these security issues enable and how to mitigate. Sean will also discuss hybrid cloud integration components and correlate how attackers are targeting and compromising environments across environments. Further explored are attacker trends in Active Directory and Azure AD, including some examples of modern attacks. The talk concludes with feasible recommendations on how best to protect against attack methods covered in this talk.

Download PDF • 2.71MB

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