Into the Blue: Blue Team Con Slides

Sean's talk kicks off the first ever Blue Team Con in 2021 and explores several concepts and themes that seem to pop-up from time to time. Key items covered:

  • "Defender's Dilemma" - do defenders have to be right 100% of the time? (no, watch this talk for the reasons why).

  • Why Blue & Red are effectively 2 sides of the same coin & why we are all on the "Blue Team".

  • Big wins matter - how focusing on big wins can improve security exponentially.

  • Security doesn't need 100% solutions.

  • Fundamental security items tend to matter most.

So, whether you are part of a Blue Team, Red Team, Purple Team, or another team, join me on this journey Into the Blue…

Slide Deck:

Download PDF • 4.90MB